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Land Acknowledgement


We would like to acknowledge with gratitude and respect that the land that we live and work on is in the traditional territory of the Secwépemc ( Suh-Wep-muhc ) Peoples.


We acknowledge the unique and enduring relationship our source community has with their lands and  respectfully acknowledge that our forest finca is on the historic and ancient homeland of the Southern Zapotec peoples of Oaxaca, Mexico

Let this acknowledgement serve as a reminder of our ongoing efforts to recognize, honour, reconcile and partner with the Zapotec and Secwépemc Peoples whose land and water we benefit from today. 

Wild Harvest From Oaxaca & Canadian Roasted

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Transparent from Bean to Cup

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"Incredibly good coffee - I have bought many fine coffees from Amazon, but I can honestly say I've never tried a better coffee than this one. I mean, holy cow this is good! No question I'll be buying more.... and more... and more…"

Customer - Amazon.ca

"Delicious coffee - I was incredibly satisfied with the product. Frog Friendly Coffee had a rich, intense flavour with no acidic aftertaste. I’ve already started to recommend it to my friends and family."

Customer - Amazon.ca

I ordered 6 lbs of espresso and love it. The coffee is so smooth. This was my second order and Frog coffee will definitely be my coffee of choice. The low acid content is perfect. It was a challenge to find a low acid coffee with such great flavour. The best..

Brenda H.

"Just wanted to say that I LOVE your brand! I discovered it recently after months of not being able to drink coffee because of stomach issues. I loved the packaging and literally just 'had a good feeling' about it. Tried it; and no stomach issues as a result of drinking it! It wasn't until buying it for the second time that I realized on the side of your packaging that you actually promote it being friendly to sensitive stomachs! How sweet. Going without coffee for months was terrible and you have made it possible to enjoy again without the physical impacts other blends would normally cause. I hope you never stop roasting those beans!."

Erica Franken

"This is the best coffee we have ever tasted and you will not be disappointed (especially medium roast)."

Bernsteins Deli