About Us

Frog Friendly Coffee was born from a connection to the mountains of Oaxaca. A naive shared dream of endeavouring to build a coffee business that was transparent, free of compromise and providing a meaningful return for the coffee growers whilst protecting the forest they called home. Twenty years on we are still in it with a lot less naivety but the same passion, intentions and commitment to whole quality. 

Frogs origins started with many family return trips from Oaxaca including garbage bags of coffee for their enjoyment. Harvested from the forest, rough milled and roasted over open fire in the mountains. Over the years it slowly became a dream of possibilities and took shape through connected family relationships. 

Specialty coffee was in it’s early days and it was the wild west of importing and roasting coffees that weren’t commercial grade. Our beans were harvested by family groups from the forest, wet milled beside the river in the village and purchased by a treasured long past mentor, Semitrio and stored in his humble mountain home. He taught us so much and we forever treasure his memory. Semitrio was apart of our brand journey for 10 years. 

More than 20 yrs in; Frank and Karla have grown up with their business and grown their family through the business. So many family photos are at source, playing on top of stacked pallets of coffee, roasting coffee, packaging coffee and they wouldn’t have it any other way. All raised knowing and appreciating the commitment of manifesting a dream, sticking to it and never compromising on what true quality is. 

The business has grown beyond storing in humble mountain homes and milling beside the river. Tremendous investments have been made in supporting organic certifications for the source communities through to the roastery in Enderby. The commitment still remains to pay a living wage to the communities responsible for the harvest and to continue to support biodynamic forest farming principles. We covet our source relationships, the history and the ultimate commitment to stay on our road less traveled and live our values out loud. 

Frog on.

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Humane Beans 4 Human Beings

Our Commitment - Humane Beans 4 Human Beings

Humane Beans 4 Human Beings (H4H) is our promise to always take the road less travelled by and do business in a way that generates a genuine benefit for all involved. From the hands responsible for harvesting, to the ecosystem of the cloud forest where our beans grow, the donkeys we use for transport and the ongoing support of the people that support the dream. We have learned to follow the path that rings true for our community while providing the stewardship it deserves.