About Us

Frog Friendly Coffee started with a connection to the land, a huge dream and a lot of passion. For over 16 years, Karla and Pedro have devoted their lives to bringing a sustainable cup of coffee to your home. Karla’s husband, Frank, is the Craft Roaster who ensures every batch is perfectly roasted for your cup. From the ancient trails of Mexico to Shuswap craft roasting in Canada, Frog Friendly Coffee is a truly wild, organic and eco-friendly choice. 

Even our name holds deep meaning for us and was carefully chosen. In Olmec tradition, the frog is the God of Life and they believe that “Without them, there is no us and without us, there is no them!” Our indigenous family and friends felt that having Frog Friendly as our name would bring us good luck and always be a reminder of our mutual commitment to protect and preserve the land we use.

No tree nets, no pesticides or other chemicals, no planting seeds we just let nature do what it does best. We leave only footprints when we harvest and use natural solutions for pest control. The coffee we use has been growing in the cloud forest of Oaxaca for hundreds of years.

The initial journey starts when we walk down trails that have been worn down by generations of coffee harvesters. Hand-picked and loaded onto mules, the coffee beans are taken out two burlap sacks at a time. From there, they are milled by hand using techniques and traditions handed down from generation to generation.

Frog Friendly offers four roast types for you to enjoy. We keep it simple by offering Decaf, Medium, Dark and Espresso roasts. Stomach problems? No problem! Because of where and how our coffee is grown and processed, it is stomach-friendly even, for people with Crohn’s, colitis, IBS and other digestive issues.

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Humane Beans 4 Human Beings

Our Commitment - Humane Beans 4 Human Beings

Humane Beans 4 Human Beings (H4H) is our promise to always take the road less travelled by and do business in a way that generates a genuine benefit for all involved. From the hands responsible for harvesting, to the ecosystem of the cloud forest where our beans grow, the donkeys we use for transport and the ongoing support of the people that support the dream. We have learned to follow the path that rings true for our community while providing the stewardship it deserves.