A Leap Forward: Frog Friendly Coffee’s Transformative Year of 2023

A Leap Forward: Frog Friendly Coffee’s Transformative Year of 2023

2023 marked a year of profound transformation at Frog Friendly Coffee. From closing the doors of our beloved Canoe location to unlocking the potential of a charming 85-year-old building in Enderby, our journey has been nothing short of remarkable. As a family-owned business since 2007, we’ve always held ourselves to a high standard. This year, we took a leap towards achieving more, embracing change, and enriching our coffee journey.

Embracing Change

The year began with a whirlwind of activity as we navigated the sale of our old Canoe building and the acquisition of our new space in Enderby. It wasn’t just about bricks and mortar; it was about closing the door on a decade filled with cherished memories and experiences. It was about embarking on a new adventure, one that promised growth and endless possibilities.

Finding Our Why

Amidst the chaos of moving and renovating, we engaged in deep conversations. We reflected on our journey, acknowledged our mistakes, and celebrated our successes. But more importantly, we reconnected with our purpose, our ‘why.’ Coffee has been our life’s work, and it’s not just about beans; it’s about people, communities, and the love we pour into every cup.

A Passion for Quality

Our journey in the coffee business has been a profound one. We’ve been involved in every step, from sourcing to brewing. We believed that this hands-on approach was the only way to ensure the highest quality. However, 2023 taught us that sometimes, to grow, you need to let go. We’ve evolved our sourcing methods, partnering with ethical importers like Royal Coffee, while still maintaining our commitment to the communities we cherish.

Activists at Heart

At our core, we’re activists passionate about coffee, farmers, food systems, music, and small businesses. Our journey has led us to new horizons and perspectives, all while remaining true to our values. We’re excited about what the future holds, as we continue to brew a better world, one cup at a time.


As we bid farewell to 2023, we look ahead with anticipation. Our journey is far from over, and we’re grateful for the community that has supported us along the way. Join us in celebrating a year of transformation and embracing the promise of tomorrow. Here’s to Frog Friendly Coffee, a brand that stands for quality, sustainability, and a whole lot of love.

Frog On! 
- Karla Ferster

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